Multi-Dimensional Development for Multi-National Personalities

Four Dimensions for Campus Placements

Now-a-days getting placed in good company has become challenging task for technical students too! There is tremendous gap between need of Industries and curriculum which traditional universities execute. The biggest problem is the way by which it is imbibed by teaching faculties and gulp down by students. It has increased the need of autonomous universities along with evolution of pedagogy to sustain in competitive market. Those universities focus on inclusion of latest content. However along with these dimensions of knowledge and skill; recruiters do focus on additional dimensions. Candidates’ behavior, attitude and values are equally judged while placing them in organizations.  In my 26 years of teaching experience in engineering college, I have always focused on multi-dimensional development of my students. I use to conduct additional lectures for developing their multi dimensional personalities and imparting high human values using innovative tools and techniques. Therefore initiating the blog “Multi Dimensional Development for Multinational Personalities’ so that mass communities of students and teachers will be benefited.

National and International accreditation process have also posed challenges on conventional teaching learning process in higher education. It has become mandatory for course teachers to focus on twelve programme objectives (PO) while framing course outcome (CO) and assesses their attainment/outcome. Students and teachers community must swallow and remember those entire PO for their multidimensional self development. Industries do focus on those twelve PO while recruiting candidates. So students must focus on those PO with attempt to satisfy them effectively.  I am going to discuss various effective ways, modes, tools and techniques to swallow, grasp and achieve them for students and teachers too! For simplicity we can classify twelve POs in four classes (Dimensions) of knowledge, skills, values and attitude/behaviors and as shown in above diagram. First let us do yourselves in your own way before discussing further. (few samples are shown in above diagram)