Sr. No. Academic Year Event Organized by Date 
01 1995-96 Workshops on ROBOTICS at GCOE, Pune- March 95. COEP, Pune March 1995
02 1997-98 Seminar on Solar Passive Architecture. Sinhagad Institute of Technology Oct. 1997
03 1997-98 Recent Trends in Efficient Design and Conservation on Air Compressors Institute of Engg, Pune
04 1997-98 Workshop on Syllabus Revision PVG, Pune Oct 1997
05 1998-99 Energy and Demand Meters at Institute of Engineers, Pune Nov. 98 Institute of Engg, Pune Nov 98
06 Energy Management through Energy Audit and Demand Side Management MSEB, Pune
07 State ISTE convention on Impact of globalization on Institute Industry Partnership CWIT Pune Nov.1998
08 1999-2000 Revision of Syllabus of B.E. under QIP of Pune University at -July 99.Workshop on syllabus revision Govt. College of Engg. Pune July 1999
09 Seminar on Solar Energy at BharatiVidyapeeth Pune. Aug 1999
10  IEEE Seminar on Harmonics- Quality in Power IEEE, Bombay section Oct. 99
11. 2003-04 Two day workshop on Matlab& Simulink MIT (India soft Technology Pvt. Ltd., Pune) 18/07/2003&19/07/2003
12. One day preliminary seminar on syllabus Restructuring FE to BE University of Pune at PVG’s COET Pune-09 25/07/2003
13. Workshop on syllabus Revision of FE University of Pune at PVG’s COET Pune-09 23/8/2003
14 Workshop on train the trainer Career launcher at Lonavala 20/12/2003 & 21/12/2003
15. STTP on ‘Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network’ Netaji Subhash Institute of Tech, Delhi 29/12/2003 to 10/01/20019 ( 2 week)
16 Workshop on syllabus Revision of SE University of Pune at PVG’s COET Pune-09 03/02/2004
17. 2004-05 Workshop on syllabus Revision of TE University of Pune at PVG’s AISSMS COE Pune-01 25/10/2005
18. 2005-2006 Social Educational activity on create awareness amongst students PES/ IAS chapter IEEE Bombay Section 08/10/2005
19. Two day workshop on advances in power system software’s PSCAD/ EMTDC/ ETAP KLG Systel Ltd., Mumbai at BVDUCE
20. 2006-07 Two day workshop on advances in power system software’s PSCAD/ EMTDC/ ETAP KLG Systel Ltd., Mumbai at BVDUCE 20/04/2006-21/04/2006
21 State level Essay competition on Renewable Energy for students Ministry of Non-conventional energy resources 25/02/2007
22 Seminar on Renewable Energy Renewable Energy club Ministry of Non-conventional energy resources 20/08/2006
23. CLF lamps Ministry of Non-conventional energy resources 05/01/2007
24. 2007-2008 One week faculty development program Summit Training & management solutions Pvt. Ltd. 24/06/2008-01/07/2008
25. One day Workshop on syllabus Restructuring University of Pune 15/3/2008
26.. 2008-09 Innovation 2008 Pune University at, SRES, COE 24/11/2008 &25/11/2008
27. Five day Faculty development programme Summit Training and Management solutions Pvt. Ltd. 24/06/2008 to 01/07/2008 (1 week)
28. National symposium on sustainable power development AISSMS COE, Pune 26/09/2008
29. 2009-10 State level workshop on Institution building  & staff development AISM, IOIT 08/10/2009-09/10/2009
30. 2009 IEEE International conference on Vehicular Electronics and safety IEEE Bombay section. 11/11/2009/ & 12/11/2009
31. One day workshop for syllabus revision of TE (Elec.) 2008 course PDVVP, COE, Ahmednagar 16/01/2010
32. One day workshop for syllabus revision of TE (Elec.) 2008 course AISSMS, COE, PUNE 12/03/2010
33. 2010-11 State level STTP –Opportunities, Challenges and Scope of Research in Electrical Engineering Electrical Department 17/01/2011 to 21/01/2011 (One week)
34. 14th State level ISTE convention , Maharashtra & Goa MGMs Jawaharlal Nehru COE, Aurangabad 18/02/2011
35. STTP on EDSA  Software NEON  SoftTech, Indoor 10/32011 To 14/3/2011 (1week)
36. Framing Programming Pogramme Educational objectives for the curriculum of Engg. For Pune university VIIT, Pune 29/07/2011
37. 2011-12 Faculty development programme for new curriculum 2012 PVG, Pune
38. One week STTP on programmable Logic controller  & supervisory control Prolific systems & Technologies 01/08/2011 -06/08/2011
39.   Two weeks ISTE STTP on solar photovoltaic under National mission on education through ICT IIT Bombay and MNRE 12/12/2011-22/12/2011
40. 2011-12 One day workshop on orientation on revised curriculum of Basic electrical engineering VIIT 26/07/2012
41. 2012-13 4 day staff development programme on revised curriculum University of Pune, PVG COE 19-21/6/2013
42. 2013-2014 Faculty development training programme Vishay components International Ltd. 5-6 July 2013
43 National  conference on “ Emerging trends in electrical & electronics engineering” VVP Institute of Engg. and technology, Solapur 22 Feb. 2014
44 International Interdisciplinary conference on, “ changes , challenges and consequences I engineering, Technology and management.” Choice institute of management , studies and research 15 March 2014
45 International conference SIT, Narhe, Pune 5-6 April 2014
46. 2014-15 LATEX AISSMS COE 19-21 Nov. 2014
47. Funding programs and Pointers for effective grant writing
Dr. Shirshendu Mukherjee, Strategic Advisor,R&D Initiative – India,)
Welcome Trust  (largest charity in UK; funds research, Venture Center, 100 NCL Innovation Park, 22 November 2014
48. International

Conference on Innovation and technology in education of educational Technology

IEEE, Thaper University

Patiala University, Punjab

19 & 20                         December 2014
49. BE Syllabus restructuring workshop Pune university, PVG, Pune 7 Jan. 2015
50. International


ShramaShradha Bombay Trust college of Engg., Jalgoan 10 Jan 2015
51. National workshop on power electronics AISSMS COE 27-28 Feb. 2015
52. Internationalconference Andrapradesh IEEE Sri Sunflower COE and Technology, Vijaywada, Andhrapradesh 28-30 March   2015
53. 2015-16 NCL lecture Dr. Shrinivas, senior research fellow of Prayas energy group on challenges on energy sector Innovative center, NCL, Pune 13 July 2015
54. Research Symposium SGGS, Nanded 25-26 July 2015
55. Ph.D course work Nanded University, SGGS Nanded 27/07/2015-3/8/2015
56. LATEX Speaking Tutorial IIT Mumbai 29 August 2015
57. Mat lab Workshop Embedtronix Technology, Pune 6 Sept. 2015
58. Mat lab wavelet toolbox Training Embedtronix Technology, Pune 6-13 Oct. 2015
59. Power System analysis and simulation: Hands on training PRDC, Bangalore at Nanded 15-17 Oct 2105
60. IEEE Future Energy electronics International Conference (IFEEC) at Taipei, Taiwan IEEE PELS & IAS 1-4 Nov. 2015
61. IEEE Innovative Smart grid technologies- ISGT- ASIA International Conference at Bangkok, Thailand IEEE Power & Energy Society 5-6 Nov. 2015
62.   IEEE half day workshop on Electrical Testing and Diagnostics of Induction Machines in and Industrial Environment  by  Dr. Sang Bin Lee IEEE PES and IAS section, Pune, PVG, Pune  

18 Nov. 2015

63.   IEEE one day workshop on Harmonics in Industrial Power Systems, Dr. Peter from USA IEEE PES Pune section, AISSMS IOIT Pune 23 November 2015
64.   Power system operation and control: PMU Central power research institute, Bangalore  

8 January 2016

65.   Syllabus restructuring workshop for SE electrical Pune University at Zeal education society 6 March 2016
66. 2016-2017 Research Symposium SGGS, Nanded 30-31 July 2016
67. Faulty development progrmme AISSMS COE 22-23 August 2016
68. TEQIP FDP on  Smart Grid Operation in Power Sector BharatiVidyapeeth’s Deemed university’s college of Engineering, Pune 20-22 Sept 2016
69. TE Electrical Engg. Syllabus Revision workshop SPPU at MMCOE, Pune 30 September 2016
70. STTP on Wavelet Transform Somaiya engineering college, Sion 14-20 Nov. 2016
71. IEEE 5th International conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications. IEEE, Birmingham, UK 20-23 Nov.2016
72. Springer’s International Conference on Electrical Technology and Renewable Energy ManipalInstitute of technology, Sikkim 17-18 Dec. 2016
73. Research Symposium SGGS, Nanded 30-31 January 2017
74. Annual Women’s Meet-AWM 2017 Chennai 4th March 2017
75 5th International Conference on Engineering Technology, Science and Management Innovation (ICETSMI-2017 Delhi 30 April 2017
76 2017-18 IUCEE’s 5th International conference on “Transforming engineering education” (ICTIEE-18), 4-6 January 2018, at Noida, UP. Greater Noida,  UP 4-6 January 2018
77 SPP University workshop on Syllabus revision of BE Electrical AISSMS, IOIT, Pune 30 January 2018
78 FDP on Pedagogy practices conducted by SEED InfoTech AISSMS COE, Pune 16-17

January 2018

79 FDP on Project Based & Student centric learning AISSMS COE, Pune 23 February 2018



FDP on Project Based & Student centric learning conducted by Dr. Vikas Shinde, Director, Center of excellence, Project based learning, Vishwaniketan iMEET, Khalapur for AISSMS faculties on 23rd February 2018.


2017-18, IUCEE’s 5th International conference on “Transforming engineering education” (ICTIEE-18), 4-6 January 2018, at Noida, UP, Greater Noida,  UP, 4-6 January 2018

SPP University workshop on Syllabus revision of BE Electrical, AISSMS, IOIT, Pune, 30 January 2018